Company Formation

We assist our client to get the following statutory documents and services

  • With a valid certificate of incorporation
  • With a valid business registration certificate
  • The shares have been subscribed or allotted
  • The director(s) has been appointed
  • The company secretary has been appointed
  • The location of a registered office has been notified at Companies Registry
  • The bank account is well open (optional)

Legal requirement of a Hong Kong private Limited company

  • At least ONE shareholder but not more than 50 nos.
  • At least ONE director
  • At least ONE company secretary
  • The registered office must be situated in Hong Kong

The shareholder can be an individual of any nationality or a corporation of any jurisdiction.

With effective from 3 March 2014, the director must be a natural person if the company has only one director.  The shareholder and director can be the same person or corporation. The company secretary must be a Hong Kong resident or a local Hong Kong company.


We provide the accounting services by:

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Annually

We will provide the financial statements periodically

Financial Strategy, Tax Planning

Our tax consultants provide a tailor-made solutions for clients to suit their needs in term of financial arrangement, taxation issues, withhold tax application, personal assessment application

Tax Filing

  • Filing of profits tax return
  • Filing of Employer’s return
  • Filing of Properties return
  • Filing of salaries tax return (for individual employee)

Basic Service of a company secretary (package)

  • Acting as company secretary in comply with Companies Ordinance
  • Filing of annual return
  • Appointment and Resignation of director
  • Up-dated the lists of members, directors, company secretary and share transfer
  • Change of registered office
  • Change of particular of director
  • Annual General Meeting

Full Corporate Services (other than the basic service of a company secretary)

  • Change of company name
  • Share transfer
  • Increase of share capital
  • Return and allotment of share
  • Share re-structure
  • Company deregistration
  • Notarization and Apostil
  • Trade Mark Registration
  • Others………

Virtual Office (package A, B and C)

Package A (for local resident, not suitable for overseas clients)

  1. License to use our address for business registration and other government-related usage.
  2. License to use our address for public communication. e.g. name card, letterhead (without telephone and fax number line.)
  3. Mail handling including parcels with immediate notification

Package B

Include item (1) to (3)

  1. Mail re-direct service periodically (courier charge at clients’ account)
  2. Share our fax number and telephone
  3. Message taking
  4. Fax re-direct to client’s destination (in PDF format)

Package C

Include item (1) to (7)

  1. Dedicated telephone line
  2. Dedicated fax line
  3. Answering service

Trade Service

Assist our overseas clients to transact the business activities by three stages, namely as Ordering, Shipment and Payment.  Our business consultants assist our clients to issue the Purchase Order, Sales Confirmation, LC application, LC submission, CO application, handling the shipment etc.  Details to be provided upon request.

Management Service, Human Resources & Administration

  • Payroll
  • Staff recruitment and termination
  • Insurance for company and staff
  • Mandatory provident fund
  • Provision of bank authorized signatory
  • Employer’s return

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